Where is Geronimo buried?

QUESTION: Is GERONIMO buried at Fort Sill or was he moved to another place? Is it posible to get in contact with some of his ancestors?    ~Submitted by Ronny W. This article has moved to our new Apache section. … Continue reading

Billionaire donates $5 million to Crazy Horse Memorial

AUTHOR: Carson Walker A South Dakota billionaire banker has pledged a$5 million matching grant to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, thelargest ever in the mountain carving’s nearly 60 year history. T. Denny Sanford of Sioux Falls, a longtime supporter of … Continue reading

Obama’s distant American Indian ancestry may make him an attractive candidate to American Indians

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama opposes the dumping of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, a sacred site, and co-sponsored the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 2007.

Of the three front-running Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Barack Obama is the only one with a permanent place on his Web site for America’s indigenous peoples.

Cherokee Nation to offer online language course

The Cherokee Nation will be offering a Cherokee language course online through the tribe’s web site beginning Jan. 7

Restoring The Fundamental Human Rights Of Indigenous Peoples

AUTHOR: Thomas Dahlheimer

The revocation of the 15th century papal bull, Inter Caetera, will definitely announce before the world community that the Vatican no longer supports the principle of subjugation that it promulgated five and a half centuries ago. The Roman Catholic church will be demonstrating its seriousness about respecting the rights and dignity of all peoples. The revocation of Inter Caetera will be an extremely important spiritual and symbolic gesture of peace and healing in creating a culture of peace on earth.

Is it possible to find native american genealogy information online without paying for it?

Is it possible to find native american genealogy information online without paying for it? Where do I start?

~Submitted by Craig G.


Hi Craig,

Yes, it definitely is. Here is my short list of my ten favorite genealogy sources in general and my ten favorite native american genealogy resources in particular. These sources will give you starting points for just about any ancestry search, not just for native american ancestry specifically, but they hold a wealth of free genealogy information about native american ancestry, too.

Illinois Tribe was the most numerous tribe of Illinois

Excerpted from The Indian Tribes of North America, by John R. Swanton The primary Indian group in the state of Illinois was the Illinois, a large native group made up of several related tribes. Their tribal name “Illiniwek” means “men” … Continue reading

Many tribes left their mark on Indiana

AUTHOR: Excerpt from The Indian Tribes of North America, by John R. Swanton

Indiana’s most influential Indian tribes were the Miami, Wea, and Piankashaw. Yet, there were other tribes that also left their mark in and on the state.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman passes to the spirit world

Actor and activist Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Gwen Westerman Griffin of Mankato, MN announced today that Floyd Red Crow Westerman passed to the spirit world this morning about 5:00 a.m. in Los Angeles, California, at Cedars Sinai Hospital with family at his side after an extended illness. He was 71.

Indian Athlete Hall of Fame begins with 7 inductees

The first class of inductees entered the Montana Indian Athlete Hall of Fame on Friday night. The hall of fame is brainchild of Don Wetzel Sr., a former Browning and University of Montana standout and coach, who with his father … Continue reading

Fluent speakers of the Wichita tribe down to last woman

Oklahoma had been a state for only two decades when Doris Jean Lamar was born in 1927. Her first spoken words were not English, but an American Indian language taught to her by grandparents. Today, Lamar is the last fluent speaker in the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes, a tribe of 2,300.

2008 Abbott and Fenner Scholarship

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to announce that the scholarship program will be continued for 2008. In 2007 they had one winner from Arkansas and one from North Carolina. For this scholarship you must write an essay of … Continue reading

Gates Millennium Scholars program has 1,000 scholarships for minority students

I wanted to alert you to an important opportunity for our
youth. The Gates Millennium Scholars program, established
in 1999, was initially funded by a 1 billion dollar grant
from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The goal of GMS
is to promote academic excellence and to provide an
opportunity for outstanding minority students with significant financial
need to reach their highest potential.

First welfare case in America

native american cartoon - first welfare case

First welfare case in America.

Migration to Indian Country

native american cartoon

A native perception of European immigration. Tag: native american cartoon, native american funny picture

Bill being sponsored to terminate the Cherokee tribe from Federal Recognition

Thirty-three bills are currently before Congress that will affect the Cherokee Nation. Some members of Congress are even going so far as attempting to terminate the existence of the Cherokee Nation as a federally recognized Indian Nation under Bill H.R. 2824.

The essence of Bill H.R. 2824 is to sever United States’ government relations with the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma until such time as the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma restores full tribal citizenship to the Cherokee Freedmen disenfranchised in the March 3, 2007, Cherokee Nation vote and fulfills all its treaty obligations with the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.

Sequal to ‘Dances With Wolves’ to go into production soon

Michael Blake, who wrote the novel Dances With Wolves in 1988 and later the 1990 screenplay for Kevin Costner’s movie by the same name, has now completed a screenplay based on his latest novel, The Holy Road, which is a sequal to Dances With Wolves. The movie is expected to go into production soon.

Chris Eyer’s new movie is a supernatural thriller

Chris Eyre, the prominent Native filmmaker, stopped by a
Lakota language class here recently to debunk stereotypes, share his
favorite Native movies and leave his audience in stitches.

When is the creation story told?

Question: I am writing a paper for college on how two different native american tribes traditionally explain creation or how life came about. I have found some information but would like to know if anyone could tell me when this … Continue reading

Michigan benefit concert to battle domestic violence and teen suicides

“Cowboys and Angels” is a free northern Michigan benefit concert to battle domestic violence and teen suicides on one of the nation’s poorest American Indian reservations.

Quarterback Sam Bradford is source of pride for the Cherokee Nation

J.R. Cook, executive director of United National Indian Tribal Youth in Oklahoma City, believes Bradford is the first quarterback with American Indian heritage to start for a major college program since Sonny Sixkiller at Washington in 1972.