18 wildfires in California taking a toll on California Indian reservations

The wildfires roaring across Southern California have burned more than
17,200 acres of land on the Yuina, Rincon, La Jolla, San Pasqual and Pala
reservations, said Jim Fletcher, superintendent for the BIA in southern

We must honor the buffalo! We are buffalo people

Yellowstone Bison Herd

Many days passed before the joy of that day settled deeply into my heart and I could move forward to thinking on the realities of the present situation of the buffalo on our People. 

The senseless slaughter of 60 million buffalo brought the herds to the point of extinction. 

There was no reverence held for the sacred, life-giving buffalo. These creatures were nothing more than money in pockets and an insane “sport” to people who shot them for no purpose other than target practice. There was no honor and no thanks given for the taken life and the buffalo were left to rot beneath the sun. 

What the buffalo mean to our people

pray for the buffalo

Time never stops and is always moving us forward and through the changes of seasons. Time stands as an unforgiving taskmaster that regulates the passage through eternal tides.

Who were the Wakashan Kwakiutl?

QUESTION: I am a descendant of Adrienne Lucier-Lachapelle. She is my fourth great grandmother. Her parents are Etienne Lucier, a French Canadian fur trapper who worked with the Hudson Bay Company. He was part of the Astorians of 1881. He … Continue reading

easy to follow phonetic chart teaches Lakota language pronunciation

AUTHOR: David Melmer For some people, unless they have heard a word before, its proper pronunciation can be quite difficult. Such can be the case with languages that never had a written version but are now translated into printed form. … Continue reading

Vernon Bellecourt, long time AIM leader is dead

Vernon Bellecourt, long time leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) passed away today at about 2:45pm in Minnesota. He was one of the earliest and most active members of AIM and a prominent spokesman for the organization, and one … Continue reading

Campbell Soup labels benefit Pine Ridge Reservation Elementary School

Collect Campbell’s soup labels and other proof of purchase from Campbell’s products and they will offer rebates to help the children of Pine Ridge Reservation Elementary school with free educational and athletic equipment.

4th annual Southwest Native American film festival

The 4th Annual Southwest Native American Film Festival will beheld at the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) and the Coconino Center forthe Arts (CCA), Oct. 5 and 6 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The film festival is a unique showcase ofcontemporary Native … Continue reading

Do any american indian tribes still own their original homelands?


Do the American Indians today own land that was once their own land prior to the coming of the White man? What reservations existed prior to the defeat of Custer? and where did Sitting Bull’s men go to in Canada after the battle of the Little Big Horn? –Submitted by J. McAuliffe, Australia


Reservations in the United States

There are 561 federally recognized tribal governments in the United States, and dozens more state recognized and unrecognized american Indian tribes in the US who are currently fighting (through a lengthy legal appeal process that can take 20 or more years) for recognition.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is the US government agency responsible for the administration and management of the 55.7 million acres of land held in trust by the United States for American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives. This is approximately 2.3% of all the land in the United States.