Multibillion-dollar Canadian residential school settlement passed

The deadline for Canadian native people to sign up for a multibillion-dollar national settlement came and went on Monday, with the critical number of people agreeing to take the money.

$70,000 in scholarships awarded to native american students by Morongo tribe

In a program designed to provide financial support for California Native
American students statewide, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians provides a
scholarship program unique in the state. Seven Indian students will be the
recipients of this innovative effort this Friday when the Morongo tribal
council presents them with $70,000 in scholarship funds.

Funds raised at benefit concert for preventing domestic violence, sexual assault and teen suicide

AUTHOR: Greg Peterson Lakota teen suicide crisis addressed by Michigan/South Dakota musicians: Concert raises money for America’s oldest Native American domestic violence shelter and to battle alarming suicide problem on Rosebud Reservation

Tribes promise legal status to illegal immigrants

AUTHOR: Oskar Garcia

A non-federally recognized American Indian tribe on Friday defended its recruiting of Hispanic illegal immigrants to the tribe under the promise that joining would keep the immigrants from being deported.

But advocates and federal officials condemned the practice as a scam, saying the group was defrauding people desperate to stay in the country of hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars while giving them false hope.

Mt. Rushmore vs. Crazy Horse Memorial

Mt Rushmore

In South Dakota’s Black Hills, two men carved their dreams into the granite. Mt. Rushmore honors four presidents, while Crazy Horse celebrates a Sioux warrior.

6th annual Lakota Hemp Days Aug 21-23

WHAT: Lakota Hemp Days

WHEN: August 21-23, 2007

WHERE: Manderson, South Dakota

ADMISSION: $20.00 for all three days

Lakota Hemp Days is a celebration of the sovereign right of the Oglala Lakota to grow Industrial Hemp on Pine Ridge. KIZA PARK is nourished and surrounded by Wounded Knee Creek, and is where the family of Oglala rancher Alex White Plume planted Industrial Hemp from 2000 to 2002. 

Chippewa wild rice harvest cancelled

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has canceled its wild rice harvest for the first time in history.

Santa Fe Indian Market August 18-19,2007

WHAT: Sante Fe Indian Market

WHEN: August 18-19, 2007

WHERE: Sante Fe, New Mexico

ADMISSION: Free to the market, other entertainment has fees.

Alaskan natives kill whale wounded in hunt 120 years ago

Native Alaskan hunters have found part of a 19th century weapon embedded in the shoulder of a bowhead whale, leading scientists to believe the animal was wounded in a hunt almost 120 years ago.

The conical bomb fragment measuring almost nine centimeters long (3.5 inches long) was embedded in the shoulder blade of the whale killed last month, said John Bockstoce from the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts.

Free August 12 concert to benefit native american battered women’s shelter

WHAT:Free benefit concert for the White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in South Dakota, a battered women’s shelter for native american women.WHEN: August 12, 2007, 5:00p.m.WHERE: Custer Lutheran Fellowship Church, Custer, South Dakota Faith leaders, tribal officials, and musicians from two … Continue reading

Sauk-Suiattle 2007 Pow Wow and Celebration AUG 24-26th

WHAT: Sauk-Suiattle 2007 Pow Wow and Celebration WHEN: AUG 24-26th, 2007 WHERE: Darrington, WA Sauk-Suiattle 2007 Pow Wow and Celebration AUG 24-26th, at the Darrington Bluegrass Festival Grounds, one mile south of Darrington, WA, on Hwy 530, plenty of showers, … Continue reading

ancient sla-hal bones identified, also known as the Bone Game or Stick Game

Sla-Hal, Bone Game, or Stick Game are three ways to call a very popular game played amongst Northwestern Indian Tribes. Indian people of all ages have enjoyed gathering and participating in this exciting and traditional game for generations. Since time … Continue reading

Largest pow wow on the east coast Aug. 10 – 12

National Powwow hosted by Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Tens of thousands of people will gather in Washington for a three-day celebration of American Indian dance and culture at the largest pow wow on the East Coast. The … Continue reading

Sitting Bull self portrait

AUTHOR: by Amanda May Whistle When Sitting Bull drew Self-Portrait in Battle in 1874, two years beforethe Battle of Little Bighorn, he drew himself not only as he was, but alsohow he saw himself spiritually. Sitting Bull proclaimed he’d had … Continue reading

Native american women suffer shocking rates of rape

A new study released by Amnesty indicates native american and alaskan native women are raped three times more often than non native women. In Anchorage, the rate is an astounding ten times higher for native alaskan women.    

Interview with Albert Laughter, Medicine man of the 21st century

Albert Laughter is a fifth generation medicine man from the Navajo tribe. He has trained most of his life to treat the people of his tribe with traditional healing methods and natural herbs.

But these days, he is employed by the Federal Government to treat military veterans suffering from the trauma of combat.

Philbrook Museum of Art and University of Oklahoma receive 50 million dollar native art collection

The Adkins Collection of native art is among the most important private collections of work by Taos artists and other native americans in the US. It contains more than 3,300 pieces of art in a number of native american art … Continue reading