Duck Valley Indian Rez without water, running low on food after fire destroys village

There is a dire emergency at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Owyhee, Nevada. It’s a very isolated reservation on the Nevada/Idaho border. One of the many fires that have been burning out of control in the west devastated this … Continue reading

What are the differences between a myth, legend, tale, and oral histories?

Folklorists have commonly attempted to distinguish between native american myths, legends, tales, and oral histories. Sometimes a fine line separarates the distinction. Here are the basic differences.

Will native americans be offended if I sell a catlinite fetish effigy?

turtle pipestone fetish

QUESTION: I have been researching a turtle I bought at a garage sale last weekend. The label reads “Indian Made Pipestone Craft.” It measures about 2 3/4 inches long and 2 inches across the shell. I do not feel right … Continue reading

A new Athabascan dictionary is available

The Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has published a new Athabascan dictionary.

Foods Native Americans consider taboo

I am doing a research project for my nutrition class and have to find out about foods that were prohibited for native americans but have had no luck so far, could you give some information or point me in the right direction?
~Submitted by Gabriela L.

Montana High Line Pow Wow Schedule for July

During July and August in Montana there are one or more authentic northern pow wows every weekend that are open to the public. They all provide a glimpse into the culture of the Northern Plains Indians as well as a … Continue reading

109th annual Arlee Celebration begins in Montana today

AUTHOR: KIM BRIGGEMAN of the Missoulian WHAT: 109th Annual Arlee Celebration Pow Wow WHEN: July 3-9 WHERE:Arlee Powwow Grounds, Arlee, Montana ADMISSION: Free PUBLIC: The Public is welcome CAMERAS ALLOWED: Yes, except for a few very sacred dances where they … Continue reading

Shawnee spirits and burial sites

Today’s Mailbag Question: Would you tell me, how Shawnee spirits would react to houses being built on a burial site? ~Submitted by Rose M Answer: I don’t know if the Shawnee spirits would object, but consider whether or not you … Continue reading