Kickapoo Park Powwow near LeRoy, Illinois June 2-3

AUTHOR: Scott Richardson What: The ninth annual Intertribal Pow Wow will be Saturday and June 3. The event will feature dancing, arts and crafts vendors, music and food. Where: Grand Village of the Kickapoo Park, near LeRoy, Illinois When: June … Continue reading

The Camas lillies are in full bloom and it’s time for the Camas Prairie Homecoming May 27-28

What:CAMAS PRAIRIE HOMECOMING Where:FAIRFIELD, IDAHO When: May 27-28, 2007 The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce are hosting the Camas Prairie Homecoming May 27-28, to give a welcome home to Tribal members of the Fort Hall Bands of … Continue reading

New books for kids excavate facts about Pocahontas, Jamestown colony

AUTHOR: Karen MacPherson

This month marks the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, the British colony in Virginia. Two new children’s books offer fascinating insights into both the British colonists and the American Indians on whose lands they settled.

Half the Top 20 Poorest Counties in America are included in Indian reservations

In lieu of a mailbag question this week, we are featuring non-profit organizations which work with and seek volunteers to work on impoverished Indian reservations. Nearly a third of all American Indian and Alaska Native children live in poverty. Of the top 100 poorest counties in the US, four of the Top 5 and ten of the Top 20 are on indian reservations. In all, 24 counties with high Indian populations made the Top 100 Poorest Counties list based on the 2000 Census.

Drive to help Lakota children of the Pine Ridge Reservation

“I went out there expecting — on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest — to see poverty at level 10,” said Head Coach Jay Corwin. “But the poverty level on the Pine Ridge reservation would probably score a 50. It was nothing I ever imagined I’d see in the United States — not in my lifetime.”

Stanford Pow Wow is always on Mothers’ Day Weekend

What: Stanford Pow Wow When: May 11-13, 2007 Where:In the Eucalyptus Grove on Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto, CA Admission:Free, Donations Accepted

Indigo Girls to give Honor Our Earth benefit concert at Shiprock

AUTHOR: Amy Maestas, Herald Staff Writer Contemporary folk/acoustic rock duo the Indigo Girls famously said years ago that they are activists first and musicians second. Their words have trailed them since that declaration, and Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have … Continue reading

The Inca built first suspension bridges

Suspension bridges were familiar and vital links in the vast empire of the Inca, as they had been to Andean cultures for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Spanish in 1532.

Indian people knew the universe and followed the stars

The so-called oral histories of many of the Indian tribes are often based on actual events, even those deemed as myths. If one takes the time to study the prophecies and the medicine of the Hopi, Lakota and other Indian nations, I believe they would be startled to find that so many of these predictions and cures are true.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

AUTHOR: Jordan Bartel Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Institution seems tailor-made as a celebration site for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Its many museums and festivals often celebrate the cultural group through individual exhibits or performances. So throughout May, the Smithsonian will … Continue reading

Ceremonies dedicate Sand Creek Memorial

Mary Breslin In memory of the fallen, the Sand Creek memorial is dedicated to fallen Native Americans.