Eastern Band of Cherokee announces new art school

Art is a term foreign in the Cherokee language and many other native languages because art does not exist in the Cherokee life view. However, the expression of creativity has long held deep significance and has transcended the mere construction of an art object.

70 foot Skywalk at Grand Canyon will open to public on March 28, 2008

The Hualapai Tribe owns a remote corner of the Grand Canyon in northwestern Arizona known as Grand Canyon West. It partnered with Las Vegas entrepreneur David Jin about three years ago to build a $40 million dollar glass and steel observation deck that extends 70 feet past the rim of the great Grand Canyon.

Native american code talkers came from 17 tribes, not just Navajo

On March 5, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 1010 urging Congress to establish a new postage stamp honoring three groups of veterans who fought bravely for our country: The Tuskegee Airmen, the
Japanese American soldiers and the Navajo Code Talkers.

The Retribalization Of The World

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer******** I am a 60 year old activist who is spearheading an international movement to revert the derogatory name of Minnesota’s “Rum River” back to its sacred Dakota Indian name Wakan, sometimes spelled Wahkon, and translated as … Continue reading

Regaining The Mdewakantons Mille Lacs ancestral homeland

By Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

On a Mille Lacs Kathio State Park interpretive sign, Leonard E. Wabasha is quoted as saying: “My people are the Mdewakanton Oyate. Mdewakanton means the People of Spirit Lake. Today that lake is known as Mille Lacs. This landscape is sacred to the Mdewakanton Oyate because one Otokaheys Woyakapi (creation story) says we were
created here. It is especially pleasing for me to come here and walk these trails, because about 1718 the first Chief Wapahasa was born here, at the headwaters of the Spirit River. I am the eighth in this line of hereditary chiefs.” (reference 1.)

Combating White Racism

By Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer Jerry Mander, the director of The International Forum on Globalization (IFG), an organization that represents 60 organizations in 25 countries…wrote: “Our assumption of superiority does not come to us by accident. We have been trained in … Continue reading

Tribal park set to offer guided tours through ruins on Ute Mountain this summer

Visitors at the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, located south of Cortez, have a chance to see a rare location this summer — but spots on the limited tours are filling up quickly. Veronica Cuthair, director of the tribal park, … Continue reading

Cherokees Vote Out Slaves’ Descendants

Cherokee Nation members voted Saturday to revoke the tribal citizenship of an estimated 2,800 descendants of the people the Cherokee once owned as slaves.

Weaving a story: Artist Jesse Henderson honors his Chippewa-Cree heritage

AUTHOR: Jody Rave Lee of the Missoulian When the nation’s premier woolen company asked artist Jesse Henderson todesign a Pendleton blanket, he took it seriously. “I was trying to be sensitive to my people,” said Henderson, aChippewa-Cree from the Rocky … Continue reading

Cherokees to Vote: Can Freedmen be Native American?

Next month, members of the Cherokee Nation will vote on whether to amend the tribal constitution to make Indian blood a requirement for citizenship. American Indian tribes are considered sovereign nations within the United States, and their citizens are entitled to tribal benefits, including subsidized housing and health care.

Who were the first people in the world to start smoking?

Who were the first people in the world to start smoking? Also, did theAmerican Indians introduce smoking to the white man or vice versa? –Submitted by Bob A.