Aztecs Tortured, Ate Spaniards, Bones Show

Evidence of capture and rituals is unearthed at a site near Mexico City.

Skeletons found at an archeological site show that Aztecs captured, sacrificed and partially ate several hundred people traveling with invading Spanish forces in 1520.

Water Sprit’s Gift of Horses

Daughters of the Earth

A Blackfoot Legend A legend about how the Blackfoot tribe aquired horses.

The Buffalo Rock

A Blackfoot Legend

The buffalo rock, as called by the Blackfeet Indians, was usually a fossil shell of some kind, picked up on the prairie. Whoever found one was considered fortunate, for it was thought to give a person great power over buffalo. The owner put the stone in his lodge, near the fire, and prayed over it. This story reveals not only the use of such a rock, but also a common method of hunting buffalo before the Indians had horses.

How a Piegan Warrior Caught the First Horses

The Meeting

A Blackfoot Horse Legend A long time ago a warrior of the Piegan Blackfoot dreamed about a lake far away where some large animals lived. A voice in the dream told him the animals were harmless, and that he could … Continue reading

Navajo – Hopi land dispute: settlement in site

Navajo, Hopi negotiating teams reach agreement on language in the proposed compact

WINDOW ROCK — Since 1958, the Navajo and Hopi tribes have been involved in litigation over various aspects of the Navajo-Hopi land dispute. A proposed intergovernmental compact would settle a lawsuit authorized by Congress in 1974.

Census Bureau update provides look at Indian Country

The United States is home to nearly 2.4 million American Indians and Alaska Natives, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday, with Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux and Ojibwe the most prominent tribal affiliations.

Delawares closer to federal recognition

AUTHOR: S.E. Ruckman, Tulsa World Staff Writer Cherokee Nation councilors vote to back the tribe’s regaining its federal status. TAHLEQUAH — The Delaware Tribe of Indians moved one step closer to reclaiming its federal status after Cherokee Nation councilors voted … Continue reading

Aboriginal child’s remains being returned by museum

The remains of an aboriginal child that have been on display at a private museum in the Vancouver Island community of Ladysmith are being returned to the nearby Chemainus First Nation. The bones and the cedar burial box they’re in … Continue reading

Mercury-tainted fish are a concern in Great Lakes communities

WELLSTON, Mich. (AP) – As the setting sun cast long shadows over Pine Lake,
its surface rippled by a gentle breeze, Jimmie Mitchell dropped a pinch of
tobacco into the water – a gesture of gratitude for nature’s bounty. 

Mitchell, chairman of the natural resources commission with the Little River
Band of Ottawa Indians, and tribal biologist Marty Holtgren have netted 11
yellow perch and two bluegill from the small lake in southern Manistee County. 

Their mission is partly scientific – evaluating fish population dynamics in
area lakes. But the perch and bluegill will be frozen and eventually served
during a ceremony, perhaps a funeral or festival. To the Anishnaabe tribes of
northern Michigan, fish is more than just food. It’s a link with past
generations, a symbol of cultural identity.

And that makes mercury contamination a particularly touchy matter.

Talking circle helps veterans cope with stress disorder

Casey Phillips, The Albuquerque Tribune ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – In this plain, white room at Albuquerque’s Veteran Affairs Medical Center, many stories have been told; few of them have happy endings. But the five veterans sitting in a circle facing … Continue reading