Choctaw Scleroderma Foundation created

AUTHOR: Louis Gray The Choctaw Scleroderma Foundation was created as an Oklahoma 501 (c) 3 non-profit group in May of 2006 to help sufferers and their families to know they are not alone. Aimee Angle-Zahn, Taloa Gibson and Alicia Seyler … Continue reading

Saving the peoples right to know: Fight Internet strangulation

A threat is now posed by the ”privatize everything” crowd to divvy up parts of the Internet and begin charging for faster grades of service and breadth of access. The freedom-to-access tool we have come to appreciate for the rapid … Continue reading

June 21 set for 2006 National Prayer Day for Sacred Places

WASHINGTON – Observances and ceremonies will be held across the country on June 21 to mark the 2006 National Day of Prayer to Protect Native American Sacred Places. ”Native and non-Native people nationwide are gathering to honor sacred places, with … Continue reading

Fly with the Eagles

I stretch out my arms and fly with the eagles I hunt with the bear I run with the deer I swim with the fish and yet I still am a man.

Shape Shifting

Sands shifting, sifting, through time, it moves through my fingers it moves, through space, it sifts and changes. Never remaining the same. Shapeshifting.

A Song For The People

Grandfather, Great Spirit
I give you thanks
That we can sit here
In this circle of Life,
We send Prayers
And the very best thoughts.

The Calling

AUTHOR: Gerald Fisher The fire is dancing tonight and the winds are talking Dancers from past lives enter the circle Leading me back and forth through the history of myself The mind searches as the spirit dances

Let my spirit pass without shame

O’ Great Spirit, Whose voice I hear in the winds, And whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me! I am small and weak, I need your strength and wisdom.

Symbol of Fortune

AUTHOR: Mina Vedder

The old-growth forest in Arlecho Creek is special to the Lummi tribe. It is a place of spiritual worship and a place to interact with Mother Nature.

The clear morning sun filters through the branches of the forest and droplets of dew rest on the surrounding fauna. Birds chirp in unison — a wake-up call for the other wildlife in the forest. This area of Arlecho Creek, located near Mount Baker, is home to cedar, fir and hemlock trees that are centuries old and home to the endangered murrelet bird.

Pueblo symbols and their meanings

Symbols are visual clues that indicate or represent something. For the Pueblo Indians, colors have come to represent directions symbolically. For instance, for the Hopi, yellow represents north, white represents east, red represents south, blue represents west, and black represents “above.” For centuries, the Hopi have grown maize in each of these colors.