Congress petitioned for return of Geronimo’s remains

AUTHOR: Brenda Norrell American Indians are petitioning Congress to investigate the elite Skull and Bones society at Yale University and return the remains of Chiricahua Apache warrior Geronimo to Apaches for reburial. This article has permanently moved to Skull and … Continue reading

American Holocaust

American Holocaust T Shirts

When Columbus landed in 1492, the Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples he met were gracious and friendly, as they had always been. Unfortunately, Columbus murdered many of those “Indians” and took many back to Europe as slaves. This historical fact is discarded by US schools and instead the “Hitler-Columbus” is celebrated as some type of “hero” while Indigenous existence, human rights, and nationhood is ignored.

Colorado tribes sponsoring 2006 Indigenous Games in Denver

Colorado’s Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute tribes are sponsoring an Olympics-style competition expected to bring 8,000 athletes from tribes across the United States and Canada to the Denver area in July.

Tribes threaten Jamestown protest

AUTHOR: Allen G. Breed American Indian leaders in Virginia are threatening to turn their participation in Jamestown’s 400th anniversary celebration into a protest if they don’t gain federal recognition by 2007. The main sticking point is casino gambling — something … Continue reading

New program aimed at American Indian college students

The state plans to start a program this summer in an attempt to increase the number of American Indian students who earn college degrees.

Spirit Of Wounded Knee Lives On

The anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee is a sober reminder of our nation’s bloody past.

Cayuga tribe acquires first large parcel in more than 200 years

The Cayuga Indian Nation of New York has purchased a farm in the Finger Lakes region, the tribe’s first large acquisition since being driven from its homeland during the Revolutionary War. 

The Adventures of Raccoon

Once Raccoon was walking along the bank of a stream looking for something to eat. He was very hungry, but he found nothing.

Turtle Goes to War

One time that well known brave, Snapping Turtle, became angry. All the people wondered why he acted so strangely. “Snapping Turtle is very cranky,” said the other turtles, “Something must be in the air.”

The Story of Winter Snow

Once two Indian boys lived with their grandmother in a wigwam. One day the boys went hunting to get some meat for their grandmother. While they were gone, a stranger came and asked for them and waited for their return.

The Origin of Tobacco

Long ago, when the Potawatomi still lived on the ocean in the east and close to their grandfathers, the Delaware, a old man had a dream that something extraordinary would grow in his garden which was in a clearing he … Continue reading

Waoniska: The Making of a Great Warrior

There once was a Potawatomi man who had a large family. One of his sons, Waoniska, was old enough to fast but had not yet done so. He said to the boy, “Why don’t you fast?”

The Story of a Poor Man

Once there was a poor orphan who was not well brought up. He was respected by no one and never got invited to feasts or ceremonies. Despite this, he managed to get married and went hunting by himself on foot … Continue reading

The Men Who Visited the Sun

There were once six men who spent a lot of time together. They agreed that they all wanted to go and visit the Sun, so they had a feast and called the tribe together and told them of their plan.

The Origin of Corn and Other Crops

After man was created, he was lonely, so the Creator gave him a sister to keep him company. The man dreamed that five spirits would visit his sister and want to marry her.

Potawatomi Creation Story

There is a place that is far, far away and it is nowhere near earth and it is so far away that nobody can travel there from earth. This place is kind of like the North Pole because it is always winter time. There is a man that lives on this land and his name is Wisaka. Wisaka used to live on earth with his younger brother.

Potawatomi Creation Story

There is a place that is far, far away and it is nowhere near earth and it is so far away that nobody can travel there from earth. This place is kind of like the North Pole because it is always winter time. There is a man that lives on this land and his name is Wisaka. Wisaka used to live on earth with his younger brother.

How the Potawatomi, the Ojibwe, and Ottawa united as one confederacy

Earthmaker made the world with trees and fields, with rivers, lakes, and springs, and with hills and valleys. It was beautiful. However, there weren’t any humans, and so one day he decided to make some.

Meaning of Prayer or Dance Fans Explained

As told to us by our elders, these fans are quite significant to the Native Americans. They are used in the Native American Church to sing and to pray with. They are also used in Pow Wows to dance with.

This story is told according to the teachings of Navajo elders. There are many others told by other tribes, but this is the way my particular fans are put together.The legends told to us about these fans are as follows:

American Indians embark on annual Big Foot ride

This year’s edition of the Big Foot ride began Thursday from a camp on the Grand River where American Indian Chief Sitting Bull was killed 115 years ago. In two weeks, riders plan to arrive at the site of the … Continue reading

New probate law will create new problems

A new probate reform act designed to eliminate future fractionation of land is not an end-all and be-all: while it stops fractionation, it creates additional problems that tribes argue will infringe on their sovereignty.

Boarding schools in America or residential schools in Canada: What was the difference?

What happened to the Indian children sent to the “residential schools” in Canada was not very different than what happened to the indigenous children in the United States.

As the result of a lawsuit brought by the survivors of the residential schools, nearly 86,000 indigenous Canadians are eligible to collect money from the $2 billion in Canadian funds allocated for payment.

University of Minnesota’s medical schools actively recruiting American Indians to become doctors

The Center of American Indian and Minority Health is recruiting American Indian students to become students at the University of Minnesota’s medical schools. American Indians die at a rate nearly 50 percent higher than the national average for people their … Continue reading

Tribes may lose on trust fund payments

Billions of dollars will potentially be lost if tribes do not file claims with the Department of Interior to negotiate settlements that will recoup lost revenues owed to the tribes for leases, royalties and sale of property.

Ancient legends give an early warning of modern disasters

The new science of geomythology is being harnessed by researchers who believe folklore can save lives. On the banks of Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, Oregon, officials dedicated a memorial last week to one of America’s worst calamities: a huge earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of Native Americans 300 years ago.