Students launch Web site to lend insight about Native Americans

A group of urban Native American high school students launched a Web site that acts as an educational site for the public and a useful source to Valley Native Americans, especially parents.

Apaches say moving rocks 100 feet would destroy their spiritual significance

To the American Indians who hold them sacred, the seven rocks in the way of
Paseo del Norte’s westward expansion aren’t inanimate stones.
They’re alive. They’re connections to their sacred earth that can’t be
replicated 100 feet away.

Closest look yet at Fort Clatsop leaves mystery

Lewis and Clark – An excavation turns up no physical evidence of the
explorers’ stay at Ft. Clatsop. A 200-year-old mystery remains unsolved.

How to weave a cattail mat

Sewn cattail mats were often used as exterior coverings of wigwams. Most full-size sewn cattail mats measured five to six feet wide and 10 feet long. It would take half a dozen or more mats to cover a wigwam.

Menominee actress Shelia Tousey

Born in Keshena, Wisconsin, actress Shelia Tousey was born and raised on both the Menominee and Stockbridge reservations. Shelia Tousey began her career as a child, performing Native American dances. Upon graduating from the University of New Mexico, Tousey enrolled … Continue reading

George Leach, Canadian actor from the Sta’atl’imx Nation

George Leach is a member of the Sta’atl’imx Nation in Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada. An accomplished actor, George has appeared on screen in ‘This Is Wonderland’, ‘North of 60’, ‘PSI Factor’ and ‘La Femme Nikita’.

Basketball bridges cultures in new Chris Eyre film

AUTHOR: Jan-Mikael Patterson, Navajo Times Native American director Chris Eyre delivers an impressivelayup shot with his new film “Edge of America,” a Showtime original pictureairing later this month on cable TV, co-produced with Shelia Tousey. The film opens as African … Continue reading

New book explores ‘The Spirit of Indian Women’

Dr. Janine Pease appreciates what a gift “The Spirit of Indian Women” is to her own daughter and granddaughter, as well as all other American Indian women. The book, written by Judith Fitzgerald and Michael Oren Fitzgerald and recently released … Continue reading

Gary Ampel, Native American and Wildlife Artist

Gary Ampel is a Wildlife artist who also captures on canvas the majesty of the American Plains Indians. He paints in a realistic style, working in oils and acrylics. Gary Ampel has been a professional artist and portrait painter for the past thirty eight years.

Cherokee Nation Grape Dumplings

This traditional recipe was originally made with gathered wild grapes called possum grapes. Today’s Indian cooks now often make it with Welch’s Grape Juice.

Vine Deloria Jr. – In memoriam

AUTHOR: Editors Report / Indian Country Today Burn tobacco today for the wonderful spirit of Vine Deloria Jr., who passed into the world of the ancestors Nov. 13. Our sincerest condolences and warmest embrace reach out to his family and … Continue reading

Vine Deloria Jr. walks on

Vine Deloria, Jr.

POSTED BY Colorado AIM In Honor of Vine Deloria, Jr. (1933-2005) The great indigenous visionary, philosopher, author and activist Vine Deloria, Jr. passed over to join his ancestors on November 13, 2005.

Did you know Aleuts were sent to interrment camps during WWII? Documentary film tells their story

A new film has Aleuts talking through the pain. Long-silent Aleuts revisit the suffering of World War II camps in a new documentary film set to air on Public Television this month.

Flore Lekanof was a teenager in June 1942 when the Japanese attacked Dutch Harbor to try to divert American forces from the naval battle at Midway.

106-Year-Old Mohegan Medicine Woman Dies

Gladys Tantaquidgeon, the Mohegan Indian Tribe’s venerable medicine woman and a nationally known expert on ancient Indian practices, died Tuesday morning. She was 106.

Famed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman dead at age 74

Famed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman is dead at the age of 74. He died yesterday in Albuquerque of a blood infection and pneumonia. Gorman had been hospitalized for about seven weeks.

Famed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman dead at age 74

Famed Navajo artist R.C. Gorman is dead at the age of 74.

two-hour documentary about the Pequot War

We are pleased to announce that Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War has been selected for national PBS distribution through American Public Television’s Exchange Service. This two-hour documentary about a significant event in the early history of America … Continue reading