Fetishes and their character meanings

Prized for their “down to earth” beauty and spiritual renewal, fetishes have long been an important part of Native American culture.

When a fetish maker prays over his created work, a mystical power is believed to be released which can assist him in finding a solution to his present problems.

Thoreau’s Focus on American Indians to be Revealed at Aspen Seminar

Edited by Christopher Simmons ASPEN, Colo. – May 16 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Why, then, make so greatado about the Roman and the Greek, and neglect the Indian?,” wrote HenryDavid Thoreau in his Journal in 1857. A missing piece of what … Continue reading

Law on books still bans American Indians from Boston

John “Sam” Sapiel gets an uneasy feeling when he steps over Boston
city limits. There are no warrants out for his arrest and he hasn’t committed
any crime, but he still could be put behind bars — just because he’s an
American Indian.