The Return

The Return..KEYWORDS: Native american poem native american poetry indian poem AUTHOR: Little Heart Flower Downward trodden in this valley of great hunger. My wounded spirit lies dry upon the barren floor of life.

Native American Roots, Once Hidden Now embraced

Native American Roots, Once Hidden Now embraced…KEYWORDS: native american roots indian ancestry ethnic roots lost culture lost traditions what it means to be Indian cherokee heritage cherokee grandmother Cherokee Indian Strong American Woman AUTHOR: Aunita Tyler The only story I … Continue reading

What would you do?

What would you do…KEYWORDS: native american poem cherokee poetry indian poem What would you do if I took from you Your home, your family and your identity, too? If I changed your religion and the language you spoke, Left you … Continue reading

The Gift

The Gift… KEYWORDS: native american poem cherokee poetry native american poetry indian poem Rain on the mountains, Mist on the streams, Of these things The red man dreams.

Haudenosaunee thanks giving prayer

Haudenosaunee thanks giving prayer….KEYWORDS: native american prayer thanksgiving prayer haudenosaunee prayer seneca prayer turtle clan prayer cornplanter tribe indian prayers prayer of thanks giving give thanks AUTHOR: Family members state that the following prayer, as translated into English, was confirmed … Continue reading


visions from the past are calling me,

Bill addresses slow-moving tribal recognition process

The House Resources Committee will hold a hearing this Thursday on a bill that seeks to speed up the federal recognition process for tribal groups that have been waiting decades for an answer. Making good on one of his legislative … Continue reading

Oklahoma Hall of Fame seeks Indian nominations

Oklahoma Hall of Fame seeks Indian nominations… KEYWORDS: oklahoma hall of fame modern day heroes Indian hero Wilma Mankiller Alice Brown Davis Robert L. Owen Fred Lookout Here is your chance to nominate a fellow Native American to join what … Continue reading

$75,000 Reward Is Real for Zuni Kachina

The hefty reward being offered for a stolen Zuni kachina is for real, according to a Santa Fe antiques dealer who said he’s working on behalf of an anonymous pueblo. Claudio Ortega contacted the Journal on Thursday and said he … Continue reading

Native veteran’s organization offers resources to those that served

In October 2004 an entirely Native American Veterans Organization, the National Native American Veterans Association, began operations. The Association, headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, is the first National Organization which has structured itself to work with both individual Native Veterans … Continue reading

My Indian Pride

My Indian Pride… KEYWORDS: native american poetry cherokee poem indian poetry native american poem Martha Moongazer Beard poem My body lives in the white man’s land, Yet strong and proud my red skin still stands.

Life Giver

Life… KEYWORDS: native american poetry native american poem Martha Moongazer Beard poetry native american life poems Come Little Cricket, sing with me. We will gather berries down by the stream, Take them to the fire and make Berry Bread. Tonight … Continue reading

Survival of the Choctaw Nation

Survival of the Choctaw Nation.. KEYWORDS: choctaw poem choctaw poetry native american poem native american poetry ML Hunter poem I can see my sons and daughters From this far place I feel the winds of change once again My heart … Continue reading