History of the Anishinabeg (Ojibwe) people

History of the Anishinabeg (Ojibwe) people.. KEYWORDS: anishinabeg history anishinabe history ojibwe history ojibwa history ojibway history chipewa history chippewa history The origin of the Anishinabeg begins in this way: “The Great Spirit once made a bird, and he sent … Continue reading

Michigan Indian Nations with Federal or State recognition

This article contains a list of federally and state recognized Indian tribes in Michigan.


Reservation… KEYWORDS: native american poem native american poetry reservation poem reservation poetry ML Hunter Hear, Little Sister, hear while the wind stands still ancient voices speak to you

Passing the memories down

Passing the memories down… KEYWORDS: native american poem, native american nature poem native american poetry native poetry Martha Moongazer Beard Faintly in the morning hush, I smell the scent of sweet sage brush, Envoking memories of my mountain home As … Continue reading

Just as the Great Spirit planned

Just as the Great Spirit planned.. KEYWORDS: native american poem native american poetry indian poem great spirit poem indian poetry Martha Moongazer Beard poetry Thunder rolls over the mountain, Grey clouds dropping low. Rain falls and kisses three sisters Who … Continue reading

Where Did Michigan’s First People Live?

The First People entered the area we call Michigan over 10,000 years ago. They hunted and fished for thousands of years. Yet the environment showed little impact from their lives here.

When the Europeans arrived around 1620, Woodland peoples of the Algonquian language groups lived on this land that would become Michigan. This chart lists the tribes and their approximate Michigan locations.

The Cherokee Path

The Cherokee Path… KEYWORDS: native american poem native american poetry cherokee poem cherokee poetry Indian poem Indian poetry trail of tears poem trail of tears poetry martha moongazer beard poem contemporary poetry Alone with the moon, my spirit cries For … Continue reading

Blessed to be Cherokee

Blessed to be Cherokee… KEYWORDS: native american poem native american poetry Cherokee poem Cherokee poetry Martha Moongazer Beard poem nature poem nature poetry Big sky above me where Eagle roams Mother Earth below me where I call home. Friends of … Continue reading

Chris Eyre to Direct Indian Country: Native Americans in the 20th Century

Chris Eyre will direct “Indian Country: Native Americans in the 20th Century,” a four-part series to air on PBS television stations nationwide. The “Indian Country” series is the follow-up to the acclaimed 1995 miniseries “500 Nations.” The new series willchronicle … Continue reading

Bearberry aka kinnikinnick

Bearberry is widespread and common in forests throughout the northern United States. The brilliant red berries remain on the plant all winter and provide survival food for bears when they emerge from their long sleep.

Principle People

Principle people Was not a church…

Red Woman

The eagle still flies above me, The rivers continue to flow, My native heart is still beating, My red skin still here to show.

Shoshone Chief Washakie (Whoshakik): A Biographical Sketch

Shoshone Chief Washakie

For most modern Wyoming residents and many historians of the American West, the names of Chief Washakie, the Shoshone Indians, and the Wind River Reservation seem inseparable. Yet, it was not always so. The Eastern Shoshone band of American Indians, for whom the Wind River Reservation was created by the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868, represents an amalgam of various bands of Shoshone and Bannock peoples, most of whom originate from Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, not Wyoming.

Washakie, the best-known leader of the Eastern Shoshones in the latter part of the 19th century, is still considered by some Shoshones as an outsider because he was not a full-blood Shoshone.Indeed, Washakie was of mixed tribal heritage.

shadow of the eagle

I hear the cries at moonlight, my people of long ago,

Torn away from their birthplace, marched into the unknown.Tired and hungry and dying, not knowing if they will survive,

My proud honorable family, my Cherokee tribe.

The Cherokee Trail

This path was covered with tears from the start, Weeping for the life of a great nation torn apart.

The Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards

The highly anticipated arrival of the Seventh Annual Native American Music Awards ceremony at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino promises to be an extraordinary and unprecedented celebration of contemporary music by Native American artists to date. The Seventh … Continue reading

Fort Robinson Break Out Spiritual Run honors Cheyenne tribal past

Fort Robinson Break Out Spiritual Run honors Cheyenne tribal past … KEYWORDS: Northern Cheyenne spiritual run cheyenne history Southern Cheyenne Dull Knife Little Wolf Fort Robinson breakout run Chief Dull Knife Chief Little Wolf nebraska indian history Northern Cheyenne reservation … Continue reading