First Salmon Ceremony welcomes the returning salmon

TULALIP – Two fires burned on the dirt floor of the Tulalip longhouse, giving off smoke and bits of ash that wafted upward through openings in the top of the building. Hundreds of people filled the wooden platforms built into each side of the structure. Tulalip tribal members sat next to public officials from Marysville and Everett. Visitors from nearby tribes such as the Makah and Suquamish, and even a member of the Hopi and Laguna Pueblos, bumped elbows with guests from Seattle. Three wide-eyed sailors in dress whites watched from a front-row bench.

Native American Northwest powwows calendar

Here is a partial list of Native American powwows and tribal festivals in the Northwest this summer. Most begin Friday evening and continue through Sunday afternoon. Visitors are welcome. Information phone numbers are listed if available.