Traditional stories inspire art exhibit

KEYWORDS: myths oral histories stories of the Haudenosaunee people Iroquois confederacy Sky Woman traditional stories Haudenosaunee artists six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia New York Indians Contemporary Haudenosaunee Art and Traditional Stories Haudenosaunee … Continue reading

Stopping the Alcohol Epedemic

I believe that by drawing attention to the Rum River name-change issue “white guilt” will increase, because of a heightened awareness of the catastrophic consequences caused by white settlers introducing and selling alcohol to Native Americans; and that this increase … Continue reading

Rum River Name Change Initiative

According to historical documents found in, “Minnesota Geographic Names”, a book written by Warren Upham, and published by the Minnesota Historical Society… in the late 1700s, white men gave the Rum River its current name by way of a “punning … Continue reading

Fact vs. fiction regarding Indigenous Red Nations and people


Much the same as foreign, european-based, white “immigrants” – currently called “Americans” – dislike the word “honky”, and African “blacks” disagree with the word “negro”, Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples must be afforded the same respect – not to be associated with the following misconceptions. Discard everything you have been “taught” so far in your life, as the following information are probably facts you have never been allowed or fortunate to have heard about. So hang on and open your mind – which can also bring you true happiness! Read on for the real facts.

Legend of the Talking Feather

KEYWORDS: talking feather Sioux legend oral story Indian culture AUTHOR: Sioux Legend Many winters ago the people received a gift called the talking feather. I will share with you the story of how this came to pass.

Legend of the Talking Feather

Many winters ago the people received a gift called the talking feather. I will share with you the story of how this came to pass.When the call came to the young mothers in the village to take their baskets and gather the fruit and berries, the old grandmothers, whose legs had lost the fast walk and sure foot of the doe, were left to care for the young children. The mothers honored the grandmothers by giving them this responsibility on those days.

Nokomis and the spider: story of the dreamcatcher

KEYWORDS: Nokomis and the spider story of the dreamcatcher dream catcher legend Anishinaabeg legend Anishinaabeg story Ojibwe Ojibwa Ojibway legend ORAL TRADITION: Ojibway legend “A spider was quietly spinning his web in his own space. It was beside the sleeping … Continue reading

Red Lake Reservation teacher crowned Miss Indian World

When Delena Smith entered the coliseum in Albuquerque, N.M., for the Gathering of Nations Powwow, she found the drum beats, bells, jingles and rattle sounds of 5,000 dancers and 100 drum groups awesome.

How Sitting Bull got his names

Sitting-Bull was a Dakota Indian from the Hunkpapa Band and a respected medicine man. The word Dakota means united by compact, and there were several united tribes who collectively called themselves the Dakotas. Sitting Bull was born near an old … Continue reading

Native American Roots, Once Hidden, Now Embraced

Nearly every day, some determined person with pale skin and blue eyes comes to Lela Ummerteskee from far away, ready to fulfill a dream and register as an American Indian.

Not everyone has a rock-solid pedigree. The tribal enrollment officer for the Cherokee Nation has been presented with everything from an X-ray of a head purporting to show Indian cheekbones to scraped-off patches of skin — all offered as proof that a distant ancestor was Native American.