Nisga’a ceremonial dress

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This gallery contains pictures of Canada’s First Nation Nisga’a people in ceremonial dress.

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The Neverending Trail

KEYWORDS: trail of tears poem native american poetry Cherokee Trail of Tears cherokee trail of tears how many died on the trail of tears who ordered the trail of tears march AUTHOR: Abe “Del” Jones We whites honor the “Hermitage” … Continue reading

Two Wolves – A Cherokee Tale

KEYWORDS: cherokee legend cherokee story wolf analogy wolf story elder wisdom good and evil Cherokee oral story children’s fable story for kids wolves fable An elder cherokee was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, “A fight is … Continue reading

New Beginnings

It is the beginning of the New Year,

I am still here.

I look forward to tomorrow,

Now that my heart feels no sorrow

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Winter Nights

I sit outside during a cold winter night,

Watching the stars shining so bright.

I take a sigh and breath in relief,

Because I know someone up there is watching out for me.

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Leonard Peltier’s lawyer releases statement after Arlo Looking Cloud trial

KEYWORDS: Leonard Peltier Arlo Looking Cloud Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash Anna May Pictou AIM FBI AIM leadership Federal Bureau of Investigation Wounded Knee of 1973 GOONs Pineridge Reservation Indian activist Leonard Peltier activists Myrtle Poor Bear Barry Bachrach Attorney at Law … Continue reading