FELTER V. NORTON.. Response brief filed for Uinta Mixed Bloods of Utah

Just wanted to let everyone know that our attorney, Dennis G. Chappabitty, just filed our response brief to the government’s “Motion to Dismiss” in Felter Vs. Norton on Monday, October 6, 2003 by electronic mailing. It was filed in Washington … Continue reading

Hopi Warrior

A Warrior has fallen… A Warrior has fallen… Fallen far from her home… upon the sands of a foreign land. Iraq… a land of sun and sand. Her Spirit… A Warrior’s Spirit. Her Heart… A Warrior’s Heart. Her Bravery in … Continue reading

Northwest Indian College offers college courses via video conferencing

KEYWORDS: Northwest Indian College native american owned college native american operated college Lummi Nation college Washington State Indian college Lummi Nation reservation college Author: Lummigirl Starting in September of 2003 Northwest Indian College has begun offering college courses via video … Continue reading

Celebrating an Indian summer

Lately we have heard the phrase “Indian summer” used frequently to describe our stretch of good weather. Most of us are taking advantage of the warm weather rather than contemplating the etymology of the term “Indian summer.”

However, a study of the phrase is an eye-opening look into our nation’s history. After years of asking elders and prominent Indian historians, I stumbled across an article written by a leading American Indian author from an Eastern tribe who explained the origins of “Indian summer.”