Dees, Muscogee, Wins First Place Poetry Award in UK

Deidra Suwanee Dees, Muscogee Nation, recently won the First Place Award for her creative verse “Celebrate” by The People’s Poet in the United Kingdom. “Celebrate” addresses an indigenous viewpoint on Christopher Columbus’s impact on the western hemisphere exploring residual effects … Continue reading

First human migrations to the New World probably occurred no earlier than 18,000

KEYWORDS: ancient American civilizations Clovis people DNA evidence genetic signatures Siberian and American Indian populations 30,000 years ago 13,000 years ago 8,000 years ago DNA sequence of Siberian men’s Y chromosomes M242 13,600 years ago first human migrations to the … Continue reading

Such A Tragedy

My People have been scattered, My People have been killed. Their dreams lay on the ground, They have lost their will. Their minds numb with pain, Their hands no longer weave. The Warriors no longer hunt, But await Death for … Continue reading

Winged Raven

In the depths of blackness

Lies the Raven’s beauty.

The Sun does glisten and gleam

Upon her fragile beating wings

Spirits In The Sky

As we sat around the Sacred Fire Calling out to the Spirits Which haunt the deep and dark, One by one they came to us. They sat and they talked. This is what they had to say To all of … Continue reading

Who Will Call My Name?

When I can no longer See the Eagle soar, Will you call my name? When the end of my Path I have finally reached, Will you sing my name in Ancient Prayer?

Dusty Trails

My moccasins have tread Many a long and weary mile. Our days of glory and hunts I remember well. Now just dusty trails abound In this dry Hell.

Daughter of the Wind

In the beginning

Four Elements there were:

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water .

~I am the daughter of the Wind~

The Ancients

The drums beat, The rattles call, The flames of fire grow tall. Tis wisdom of the ancients We do call.