American Indian dance documentary coming to NBC on April 19th

THE WORLD OF AMERICAN INDIAN DANCE PREMIERES ON NBC TELEVISION NETWORK SATURDAY, APRIL 19 AT 3 P.M. (EST)/NOON PT One Hour Documentary Is Produced By Four Directions Entertainment, An Enterprise Of Oneida Indian Nation Los Angeles, CA: March 21, 2003 … Continue reading

Ft. Belknap man finds Columbia data recorder

KEYWORDS: Columbia data recorder columbia space shuttle wreck space shuttle black box Ft Belknap firefighters Chauncy Birdtail AUTHOR: Jan-Mikael Patterson, Tribune Staff Writer FORT BELKNAP — A firefighter from Fort Belknap found what is potentially the most important piece of … Continue reading

When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History – Is it about to repeat itself?

AUTHOR: Thom Hartmann The 70th anniversary wasn’t noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago – February 27, 1933. They commemorated the anniversary by … Continue reading

Reading the rocks: Hopi history in petroglyphs

Whitefeather - Petroglyph I

Joe Ben Sanders has spent 27 years looking at the Wind Mountain Hopi petroglyphs at Three Rivers, N.M. He has made controversial connections with the Hopi tribes of New Mexico and Arizona and the ancient site of Casas Grandes in … Continue reading

Dancing to the beat – what it all means

The jingle of bells hung from clothing and the rhythmic beats and chanting from the Kenai-based Midnight Sun drum group announced the arrival of about 20 dancers who moved toward the center of David Salmon Tribal Hall Saturday afternoon.

Bush gives cowboys bad image

My heroes have always been cowboys. I always wanted to be a cowboy — that is, I DID, at least, when I was a kid and we played “cowboys and Indians.” No way was I gonna be an Indian. No … Continue reading