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Indian Dances of native american indian tribes of the United States and Canada

These pages will give you an overview of just some of the powwow dancing , ceremonial, historical, and religious dances of north american indian dancers.

Being the lead man or woman dancer at a pow wow is a position of honor bestowed on someone who is well respected in the community. The lead dancer participates in all the dances, must know protocol, carry themselves in a 'good way' and keep harmony.

There's a whole realm of spiritualzation in dance. Everything is done in the beginning with prayers, from the making of your regalia to the dance, including praying while you're dancing. You thank the creator for living another day, for having the resources to put together your regalia.

You visualize your ancestors dancing along side of you. You carry all that you are and the generations that walked before you into the dance circle.

Native American Indian Dances commonly performed at powwows today include the Women's Jingle Dress dance, Women's Fancy Shawl dance, Men's Grass Dance, Men's and Women's Northern and Southern traditional dances, gourd dances, and hoop dances.

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